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I am Elizabeth

Hi there! I am so excited you are here, and I know you have a lot of questions. Taking the step to outsource your work can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to let go of this aspect of your creative process. Once you find the right editor to work with you will gain so much freedom and peace of mind in your life and in your business. I have been a photographer myself for over 10 years, so I know what goes into making great images. My clients have the peace of mind, knowing that I've been there - done that. I understand difficult lighting situations, difficult clients, the whole nine yards. I have the benefit of having worked with products as well as people and a variety of events. I've tried to make the outsourcing process as simple as possible, with easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials from the great YouTube. Including a simple scheduling system and easy file sharing with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Let's dive in and take a practical look at what the outsourcing process looks like and how it can serve you.

Outsourcing To your Editor

Pre-Edited Gallery

Contact Editor

First things first, we're gonna talk about what you want!  We'll have a fun chat, and I'll learn all about your unique needs for your clients. On our call, I'll get to know your business and  editing Style,  I'll also tell you my work-flow and how we can be a team! 

Enjoy your 
Free time

Go ahead and export your whole collection using smart previews in Lightroom. After that, simply toss your zipped file into the shared folder on Dropbox. No need to stress—I've got you covered with detailed instructions for every single step of this process!

So, what's the game plan with all this time on your plate? In a span of 3-5 business days, your polished gallery will touch down in your inbox. It will be all set for your keen eye to review and tweak as needed.




Step By Step Process

"Easy as One, Two, Three"



Basic edits include:

-Color correction
-Image straightening/cropping
-Basic blemish/spot removal
-Applying any presets you use
-Slider adjustments for any sliders in LR
*Additional retouching is available upon request and priced on a case-by-case basis (ie. head swaps done in PS).

Edits include:

-Color correction
-Image straightening/cropping
-Basic blemish/spot removal
-Applying any presets you use
-Slider adjustments for any sliders in LR
-Masking layers
*Additional retouching is available upon request and priced on a case-by-case basis (ie. head swaps done in PS).

I primarily edit in Lightroom and clients who use Lightroom Classic CC. We utilize Smart Previews Catalogues to share files. I do offer Photoshop services, with pricing based on the complexity of the job. I tailor custom turnaround times for my clients according to their needs. I'll familiarize myself with your workflow and the experience you aim to provide for your clients, ensuring that working with me seamlessly aligns with that experience. The ball's in your court! However, if you're curious, my average turnaround time clocks in at 3-5 business days.

Wedding & Events 
Basic Edits 

.39 Per image

portraits & Brand Sessions

.79 per image

Rush Delivery

$20.00 Flat rate


.07 an image

Add Ons

Head Swaps

PS edits start at $5.00

Work With me


I will match the style of each of my clients. So whether you prefer a light and airy feel, a moody atmosphere, or true-to-color tones, we will take the time to discuss your current approach, and I'll tailor my work accordingly. Don't have a defined style yet? That's okay too. I work with clients to help develop their unique style. I've got you covered.

Presets are an excellent tool. You can always send me your presets, and I can integrate them seamlessly into your distinct client workflow.

The short answer is yes. When we first start working together, it is important for me to see how you approach your galleries. After we have worked together, if you're interested in booking full service outsourcing we can discuss how to transition away from the need to send anchor images.

We will be using a shared Trello board and monthly emails, to ensure that we are both on the same page regarding your editing needs and my availability.

No, I have no minimum. I accept any job regardless of size, without an image minimum or a monthly gallery minimum. I just require that you communicate ahead of time each month about the jobs you have scheduled and plan to send, or send an email stating that you have nothing to schedule for that month.

I give my clients the option of either Dropbox or Google Drive. We will have a shared folder that we will both be able to access.

Turnaround time is calculated based on business days. So if you send photos on a  Saturday or Sunday, the clock won't start ticking until Monday. 

You will be invoiced on a monthly basis for all jobs completed during that month.

Let's do it!

Work with  me

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