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A headshot is your visual representation in the professional world. It helps you make a strong first impression, build your personal brand, establish credibility, and connect with your target audience. Investing in a professional headshot is a valuable step towards career advancement and success.

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Each headshot session is customizable based on the size of your team and your unique business needs. Whether you are an individual or a team of 50, these sessions are designed to ensure you put your best face forward, make a strong first impression, build your personal brand, and establish credibility.


+ 5 edited images
+ Image delivery via pixieset

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I believe that every project is unique. I offer custom photography quotes tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive a personalized session. Use the calculator bellow to build the session that is perfect for you. I will touch base with you to discuss and schedule after you send me your session quote request.


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We will confirm the location, time, then more of the fun stuff... like what to wear and how to prepare for the best shooting experience!

The most exciting part! No, really! This is where you get to show up and let me do the hard stuff... like think about angles, lighting, and the vibe. Experience tells me you may just have fun, too. 


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A professional headshot is crucial for making a positive first impression in your industry. It not only establishes your personal brand but also enhances credibility and significantly improves your ability to stand out among competitors.

The duration of a headshot session can vary depending on the package you select and your specific needs. On average, a session lasts around 15 minutes and includes one outfit. You can also choose to add additional time.

Absolutely! I offer retouching services to ensure that your headshots have a polished and professional appearance. This encompasses adjustments to lighting, color correction, skin smoothing, and other minor enhancements. Any substantial editing beyond what is initially included will incur an additional charge, such as augmentation and body slimming. 

It's recommended to wear professional attire that aligns with your industry and the image you wish to portray. Solid colors work best, avoiding patterns or busy prints. You're welcome to bring a few outfit options to the session, providing the photographer with choices that will photograph well. Consider your brand colors and strive to select clothing that complements your brand's color palette.

The turn-around time for receiving your final headshots depends on the package you select and the number of included images. Generally, you can anticipate receiving your edited photos within 5-7 business days after the session.

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